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I wrestled with this posting this, but my heart told me that I had to so. . . .

One of my biggest pet peeves is bad customer service. Customer service, to me, is simply showing that you appreciate me spending my coins with you. It doesn’t matter if it’s buying tennis shoes, the service you receive at a restaurant or the person that takes your ticket at the movies. A simple smile or acknowledgment identifying me as a customer goes a long way. I’ve been to countless places where my intent is to buy, only to be ignored or watched as though I’m about to commit some crime. Then, once it’s realized that I’m there to spend my money, the attitude changes.  I learned while working for the casinos back home that you can never tell how much someone is going to spend. You should treat everyone as though you genuinely appreciate them and the money that they’re willing to spend with you. It’s too easy for the offended customer to just simply turn and walk away.

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This is why I promise that besides a delicious meal, the one thing you’ll always get from me and my staff is excellent customer service because we appreciate your business and we want you to know it!

Give Lukes’ Soul Food Cafe a try! Where Big Mike feeds and treats you right!

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